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Yuhuan Wanlibao Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in TaiZhou city, ZheJiang province in November 2012,
Implemented within the enterprise:

The company incorporates the development, precision manufacturing and service as one integrated industrial entities, the automatic CNC lathe, high-precision cylindrical grinder,machining center and honing machine and other professional soft and hard processing production lines are introduced;at the same time, the universal tool display measuring device, roughness instrument, image measuring instrument, microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine, digital display vickers hardness tester, profilometer, metallographic analyzer and other precision measuring instruments are introduced. It is specialized in the production of outdoor power and brake drum. By means of the advanced facilities, perfect production, and quality management system, and thus we have the advanced development and manufacturing capacity and good product quality, and this has also provide the equipment, technology and management support for the company's products exported to Germany, Japan, Sweden.

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